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A Myrtle Beach Boudoir Studio

it's a self love


why boudoir?

Self Love Photo Co. is giving women their confidence back by celebrating their unique bodies, womanhood & femininity through boudoir photography.  Our mission is to spread self love throughout as many woman tribes as we can, so generations to come can grow up in a bully-free, beauty standard free, body positive world!

xoxo, Devanie

Not Just A Photoshoot

It's a life-changing, perspective-shifting, truly empowering experience!

We are celebrating all that makes you, YOU. No experience is necessary, we guide you every step of the way from your head to your toes and yes even facial expressions! Style is important, we have a wide variety of sexy, comfy, glam & boho outfits in our growing xs-4X client closet for you to use!

All body types, ages (18+) & skin tones are celebrated.

hey gorgeous,

So excited you stopped by...

I am Devanie!

Family girl, beach obsessed, day drinking, sailor mouth, fire wife & mama of a crazy toddler with #2 on the way!

GIFs, donuts & coffee are life.  I can be spotted singing & dancing to Disney songs, even if my kid isn’t in the car with me!

Natural/home birth & breastfeeding are my second passion next to empowering women to love themselves.

(Makes sense to want to empower women both with their physical image and their natural womanly capabilities right?)

I am truly inspired to give you back the confidence that has been taken away from you by society. I 100% believe a boudoir shoot is life-changing and perspective-shifting.  Seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes has an incredible effect on your perception of your beauty and your body. I’ve experienced it myself, seeing myself the way my husband does just that for me.

she invested in herself &

everything changed

" it was

the best decision

I have made in a long time & we MUST

celebrate who we are today."

the studio

Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Our cute little JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE studio sits in the heart of Myrtle Beach off of Oak St. and 19th Ave N.

She may be small but she is mighty with the capability of our signature boudoir shoots, a hair and makeup station, private dressing room & four extra sets like Wet T-Shirt, White Sheets, In The Sheets, Black & White Set & a Body Jewelry Set.

damn it feels good to be celebrated!

don't you want to be too?

you're ready!

time to make magic happen

• Contact us & set up a call OR book online

• Pick an artwork collection to fit your self love celebration

• Follow our guides and emails to prepare for your shoot

• Get your self-love party on at our Studio for the day

• View & finalize/upgrade your photos at your reveal & ordering appointment (1 hr after our session)

• Hang your badass artwork in your room and bask in the SELF-LOVE GLORY

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Boudoir Studio located in Myrtle Beach, SC


the experience


luxury artwork


the studio


the experience


luxury artwork


the studio

you are worth more

than your second thoughts & maybes

skip the line & get booking!

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