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The Power of Boudoir | Miss. B | Myrtle Beach Boudoir

Miss B’s Transformational Boudoir Experience

Miss B’s life was turned upside down. A split second and her life flashed before her eyes. Hit by a car she left the scene bruised and broken. She was not only physically broken but mentally destroyed. Her life before involved firefighting, hiking, traveling, canyoneering, rock climbing & more. The outcome could have been much worse and we are SO thankful she came out of it with non-life threatening injuries. 

Even without life-threatening injuries the damage done physically is proving to be a long road to recovery. She never imagined losing confidence in her body and sensuality.

I didn’t know how hard this shoot was going to be for Miss B since as long as I have known her she has been very confident with her body and her sensuality. She is the absolute BEST at complementing other women. I was not in tune to how truly affected she was by her body/mind changes from her accident.

This session was not only amazing for Miss B but eye opening for me as well! By being more in tune with women I can be a better guide before, during and after a boudoir experience.

As you can see by our texts – her boudoir experience transformed her in HOURS.

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