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How it works | What to expect during your boudoir experience

I love to get on the phone with each and every one of you! Let’s plan a time to chat here.

If you still feel like reading on, here’s how our boudoir photoshoots run

#1. Phone Consultation

Upon your inquiry we will “meet” via phone. This initial meeting is one of the most important steps. You get to hear my voice or meet me so you feel safe; we go over why you want a boudoir session, how you want to feel and where on your walls you envision a wall print to remind yourself how beautiful you truly are. If you are ready to book, we take your session fee over the phone, pick your date & I send your contract, once the contract is signed your planning emails begin!

#2. Wardrobe Consultation

I send out ton’s of planning guides and emails, but we also have a 1 hour meeting, about 30 days prior to your photoshoot at the studio. You’ll bring any lingerie you have, you’ve ordered or come empty handed we have plenty for you to try on. We get to meet in person, try on outfits, check out bonuses and artwork, take care of any upgrades or payments and we are set and ready to go for session day, so it takes the guess work out of what you will wear giving you peace of mind and excitement for the day of!

#3. Hair & Make Up

On the morning of your session you will arrive at the studio! Saleena will greet you, get a feel for the style you’d like and get to work. We like to call this Chairpy, lot’s of laughs, music, talk about self love & sippin’ champagne. Hair and make up typically lasts 1-1.5 hours

#4. Photoshoot

AH THE FUN PART. The part people are most nervous about yet end up smashing it out of the park every single time. I will guide and direct you through every set, pose, facial expression, hand movement and more. I strive for comfortable body language and emotion that is unique to your specific personality and body type! Again, I guide you through everything!

#5. Same Day Photo Reveal & Ordering

After shooting we break for about 45 mins while I compile all the best of the best shots and lightly edit them. Once you’re back at the studio we go through each photo (usually around 150!!) and you’ll let me know your favorites. Here we can upgrade your album to more photos (typical), choose wall art, desktop artwork, choose an album cover and just gush over how incredible you look! The “THATS ME!” moment you’ve been waiting for.


During the photoshoot, at lunch and after the reveal are the pivotal moments in the transformation. During the photoshoot you are feeling like a MODEL, you’re the STAR of the show. You are confident AF and unstoppable. At lunch you are reveling in what just happened, and getting nervous excited to see your photos. At the reveal it’s the moment the day all melts together for the final piece of the puzzle. You see you. You see you the way your partner sees you, you see you in a whole new way, we talk about looking PAST those pesky insecurities you always hyper focus on and you begin to see you are more than just your body.

#6. Artwork Arrival

If you have chosen a collection that includes your digital copies (essential and higher) your digitals will come to your email for you to download and keep in a few safe spots (phone, cloud, thumb drive etc). Then about 3-6 weeks later your album, wall art and other artwork goodies arrive either at your door step or you can pick them up at the studio!

There is absolutely nothing like flipping through the pages of your boudoir day. I flip through each album myself, it brings me so much joy and I know it brings you joy too.

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