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You are not enough

it’s the #1 lie we tell ourselves.
I realized that after releasing my sale and only a few ladies taking advantage of it that there was a disconnect.

I totally missed it, I haven’t built you up, been your cheerleader and made you read all my blog posts and social media posts.

I can’t really make you do anything, especially get half naked with me – a stranger, showing all your insecurities.

This thing I’m asking you to do with me is not easy and most of you are not comfortable doing it.

I’m too fat
I’m not sexy
I’m too old
I’m not a model
I’m not pretty
I’m not skinny

What you are saying is that you are not enough. 

I am so sorry you are feeling this way and who am I to think just because I have a sale means you are ready. Money is not always the issue.

(If you want something bad enough you will pay right? We all do it)

It’s not about the money, you are not okay with yourself, therefore why would you want to document yourself in lingerie or even naked?

I hear you, I am listening, I am learning and I am here to stay. When you are ready I will be here.

What I want you to know is that you ARE ready, you ARE enough and you ARE beautiful and feminine.

In the mean time, I am going to be thinking of ways to deliver you better content to help build you up so you can take the leap into my studio and start your transformation.

I struggle with mental health & while I have similar thoughts as you about my own body and beauty my unhealthy obsession is not with my body it is my mind.

Talk to me, talk in the Facebook group (Self Love Society). We are in this together, whether you have mental or physical self doubts.


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