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What is Boudoir?

Boudoir is…

Boudoir Photography is really starting to become popular. The reason it is referred to as “boudoir photography” is the environment in which these photos originated in were “boudoir style” indoor rooms.

The word “Boudoir” has quite the history if you just give it a quick read on wikipedia!

Today, it has become an outlet for women and men to embrace their bodies, sexuality and sensuality. It’s being backed by self love movements, couple’s connection & women’s empowerment.

The style of boudoir is limitless; halloween, vintage, feminine, modern, neon, bondage, erotica, couples, wings, lingerie, cozy sweaters, outdoors, beach, water – you name it! This is what makes boudoir so special and really an art form in itself aside from photography being an art form itself.

I tend to air on the feminine sensual side. I love the softer side of a woman to encourage femininity.

What boudoir IS NOT…


My boudoir isn’t about trying to act sexy or pornographic. It’s about reconnecting with your femininity and finding inner peace so that you can radiate it towards other women. Once you find balance within, you will no longer question if you are beautiful, sexy or worthy – you will know it

If you are looking for boudoir in myrtle beach then let’s chat about your ideas and vision. Check out my packages and shoot me a message!

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