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Unhealthy excuses holding you back from boudoir

BYE BYE Excuses. I am diving into some of the unhealthy excuses holding you back from your boudoir experience. Basically this is me giving you permission to get your ass in my studio.

Excuses are the surface of what is really happening on the inside. FEAR.

“If you let fear of the unknown stop you from taking chances, you will stifle your true potential.”

– Steve Rizzo
  1. “I want to lose 20 lbs first!” FEAR of not looking “your best”
  2. “I don’t have the money right now” FEAR of splurging on yourself
  3. “I’m not sexy or a model” FEAR that you wont look like a VS angel
  4. “I don’t have the time” FEAR of taking time off or letting go of control to do something for yourself
  5. “I don’t have anything to wear” FEAR of failure in the dressing room
  6. “My job wont allow it” FEAR that someone will find out or see your photos

I am writing this to let you know that no matter what unhealthy excuse you come up with, you can do this & you are ready. Boudoir isn’t the answer to ALL of your problems but… what I can tell you is that it is a step in the right direction to finding self-love.

When I turned the camera around to show Mrs. A one of her shots the words directly from her mouth were “OMG THATS ME?”. You can’t edit on the back of a camera. Pure. raw. beauty. Don’t let fear fuel you.

#1: The Weight Excuse

You don’t need to lose any weight, you don’t need to lose more weight, what you need is to LET GO. Of course you can enjoy your boudoir experience at any point in your life, but if you keep putting it off until [insert XY or Z excuse] I wont ever get to see your beautiful self. It’s important to love yourself as you are and that journey starts in my studio and in the facebook group. It’s a mindset shift, one that is hard but the comparison train crashes and blows up at my doors. Haven’t you noticed this positive movement yet? It’s growing on social media, companies like Aerie are using real world women in their ads. You are worthy of love and being in the spotlight (even if its just your own spotlight).

#2: The Money Excuse

It doesn’t have to stop you, set up a boudie bank, save a little here and there OR let me hold you accountable and we can set up a payment plan. My packages are set up so you can easily choose what works for you and your budget, leaving you room to splurge extra or stay in your comfort zone. It is a small investment in yourself, think of all the people who invest in themselves daily, on even smaller less meaningful things. I bet you can think of a few items or services someone you know invested in to make them feel better.

#3: The Not a Sexy Model Excuse

So much happens in life to our minds, our bodies, our souls. This is the time to set it all aside, forget Tyra and her Top Models and be you.

“Comparison is the thief of Joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

We see too much on social media, movies and magazines. Thats not real life.
I am not asking OR expecting you to be a model. This is about self love & finding your feel good state of mind. There is no physical trait connected to this, it’s a mindset. You are worthy of feeling sexy, you CAN be photographed and you WILL look good. Feel the confidence, feel the fire, let it ALL go. Breathe out negativity and breathe in sexy goddess feminine yumminess (i’m not sure thats even a thing, but it is now)

#4: The Time Excuse

If you valued yourself as much as you value your social life, family, career or scrolling on social media for hours then you would MAKE TIME to do something for yourself. If you were asked to list the top ten most important things in your life right now, where would you fall? Did you even make the list? Most women are always so busy taking care of everyone else that we fall short in taking care of ourselves. When was the last time (or have you ever) experienced something that set your soul on fire?

Boudoir is that ignitor. It starts the fire when you immerse yourself in the experience. You probably wont feel the transformation happening in the moment but you will be overwhelmed with it in the end. Take a look at some of the posts about “The Power of Boudoir” to see the transformations then unapologetically do this for you.

#5: Nothing to Wear Excuse

This one doesn’t have to be as tough as we make it out to be. I get it, it can be scary but this is why we do it. Everyone looks amazing in lingerie sometimes you just don’t know it yet. There are SO many options out there at some stores you wouldn’t think to look either! Don’t look at what Sally Lou wore to hers, think about you, your body and how you want to feel. Get properly fitted if you need to and make sure you try your outfits on well in advanced. I am also here to help! Use me I know so much about lingerie….you have no idea the things I’ve seen. Check out some options I put together in this post here.

Amazon | Victorias Secret | Adore Me | Forever 21 | aerie | Nasty Gal

#6: Job Excuse

I do not share any photos, anywhere unless released by you. Do I want the world to see what I see? of course, but I understand that not everyone is kind and understanding.

What other life experiences are your unhealthy excuses holding you back from?

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